Tube packaging has come a long way since the 19th century. Nevertheless, it has remained a practical, light, hygienic and simple form of packaging that guarantees good protection and safety of the product.


-This brilliant packaging idea came about when painter John Rand tried to protect his oil paints from drying by inventing the lead tube. He received an award for this patent in the USA in 1841.

-The first toothpaste tube was manufactured in 1896 by Dr Washington Wentworth Sheffield.

-More than a hundred years ago, a new technological achievement set grounds for future industrial production of tubes, which set in motion an entirely new period in the history of this segment. It was in 1913 when twenty-eight-year-old Alfons Mall from Baden in Germany developed and constructed a series of machines for the mass production of metal tubes.

There have been many forms of innovation and transformation since the lead tube until today. After the lead tube and then the tin tube, the thirties of the last century were marked by a mass production of aluminium tubes. Plastic tubes ensued, and since the 1970s multi-layer laminate tubes, and so today we have many variations and forms of innovation in terms of their materials and types (paperboard or whey tubes, for instance).