Safety First!

There is virtually no other type of packaging acting as a such a good barrier as the tube. Tubes prevent light, air, water, moisture, microbes, bacteria and other contaminants from entering the tube content. They are also resistant to corrosion and unbreakable, thereby ensuring perfect protection for any type of content. Sensitive and evaporable ingredients are also protected due to the unique protective properties of aluminum and other materials acting as a suitable barrier of laminate and plastic tubes. The tubes ensure a great level of security and reliability during warehousing, transport and product use. This guarantees product manufacturers and sellers excellent protection and long shelf life of their products with preserved quality and efficiency. Hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to medical and pharmaceutical products. For such products tubes are a supreme packaging form since there is no contamination of product content during product use – when a tube is squeezed there is no drawing-in of air or potential pollutants.



Ideal both FOR Consumers AND the Environment!

Tubes are extremely user-friendly packaging. Different types of tubes and caps allow cost-effective, safe and simple dosing and application of a product. Repeated product use is easy with the simple           screwing-off and screwing-on of the cap, with the possibility of completely emptying the contents of a tube in a simple and economical way. The aluminum or plastic cover on the cap guarantees the consumer that the product hasn't been previously used. The tubes are light, unbreakable, available in smaller individual packaging, they save space and as such are ideal for modern consumers who are on the go. Additionally, they are an eco-friendly packaging solution requiring minimum use of raw material and thereby keep up with the trend of preservation of natural resources.



Communication Medium

The tube is an ideal communication medium which manufacturers can use to influence the market and target clients by using a mixed array of marketing elements. Modern printing techniques enable extremely realistic and attractive prints and illustrations on tubes. Various effective designs can be used to draw attention of consumers and encourage them to buy the product. In addition to being a surface for attractive designs, tubes can also communicate important product use and storage information to the consumer. As a packaging form, tubes are mostly present in the cosmetics market with 44 % (hair colours, face products, hair products, shaving and hair removal creams), pharmaceutical market (22 %), toothpaste market (20 %), food market (9 %) and industrial and household product market (5 %).*



*(Source: Tubes & Trends, ETMA, May 2016)