Molvik – A Family Company with a Long Tradition


HISTORY of the Company / DEVELOPMENT over the Years


2019. – Stratigic turn towards grater focus on West European markets and closing branch office in Beograd


2018. - New injection molding machine was added to production capacities. This project was co-financed by EU and its goal was to enhance competitive

strenghs of the company through investments in new technologies.


2017. -Company was successfully certified according to new Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and Environmental Management System ISO



2013.-2016. - Installation of of additonal manufacturing lines and improved technological solutions in the Production and Quality departements to meet the

growing needs of our clients from the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical industry.



2016 – We started another manufacturing line for aluminum tubes to meet the needs of our clients from

the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical industry.


2012 – The company stopped producing caps for PET bottles.


2011 – The company was certified by SGS according to their Environmental Management System

14001:2004. This event marked the introduction of the Integrated Quality and Environmental

Management System.


2010 – After the re-certification audit of our quality system the ISO Certificate 9001:2000 was replaced

with the new certificate ISO 9001:2008.


2008 –We established our branch office Molvik Beograd in the Republic of Serbia, whereby we put

greater focus on export and markets in surrounding countries.


2006 – The company invested into a project focused on manufacturing caps for PET bottles.


2005 – The company started tube manufacturing in class D cleanroom conditions, thereby meeting the

necessary pharmaceutical industry criteria.


2004 – Company certification according to standard ISO 9001/2000 was carried out.


2003 – Laminate tubes for two-colour toothpaste were launched onto the market.


2001 – We carried out the acquisition of the company Top Ambala┼ża d.o.o. (Top Packaging Ltd.) from

Kerestinec, which resulted in the increase of our manufacturing scope an, product line, expansion into

new markets, continual company growth, opening of new jobs and maximization of profit.


1999 – The company invests in a new manufacturing program: a new manufacturing infrastructure is

created and the company's packaging activities are expanded to include manufacturing of aluminum

tubes for the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.


1994 – Investments into a manufacturing line for laminate tubes are made and a new manufacturing

plant for eco-friendly toothpaste and cosmetics packaging is opened. Molvik becomes the first company

to offer a modern paste-product packaging form to the Croatian market – laminate tubes.


1989The Molvicio AC-15 gas pressure regulator is launched onto the market, with the company

becoming active in all gas distribution areas under the name Molvik-Samobor.


1970 – Plastics processing is started, with mass manufacturing of tube caps soon following. With the

expansion of the production program and market, the company becomes the leading supplier of caps for

all tube manufacturers in the former Yugoslavia.


1964 – Mr. Ivan Ivšac started a cottage industry which later grew into an independent trader's machine

shop owned by him and Ms. Darinka Ivšac. The business started with the production of gas equipment.